11 thoughts on “Georgia Jones Using Both Hands To Get Off!”

  1. ZO says:

    Hello Georgia Jones,
    Hey this is Alonzo. I just watched you masturbate at twisty’s twice. Yeah. I loved those pics you had, was it at Nubiles? Anyway, I know my name has been circulated a little. I need to say this though. I can’t sleep with anybody that has done straight. The only way I can see any of you, is if you haven’t done guy’s. I know that means no Capri, tell her I’m sorry. What I don’t know is if you have yet. If you haven’t, I want ya bad, if you have, I’m sure I’ll find out eventually. Peace.

  2. ZO says:

    Hey, it’s me again. I think I might want you anyway. You are a fox! Peace.

  3. ZO says:

    Met Art, Met Art, Met Art. My bad. I’ve been looking around. There’s not much out there. Man, you guy’s took some really beautiful pictures. And then you guy’s turn out to be porn stars! ? Anyway, I just wanted to clear that up. Probably will be a while before you hear from me again. I hope everything works out. Peace.

  4. ZO says:

    Let me give some props, Georgia. You look so damn beautiful in that Met Art picture. I love those titties. I forgot your name for a while, so I was just calling you boy-girl. And like I said I was watching you masturbate. You’re wearing that black outfit with the heels. On the couch. Man, your ass is popping in that skirt. I love you in short skirts and no top. And then when you roll over, and you have your ass staring at the camera, when your bending over, Man!, that ass looks sick! I think I’ll watch that one more time. Peace.

  5. ZO says:

    I meant when you’re bending over.

  6. ZO says:

    Yeah, before you take your panties off, and you’re pretty spread, and you’re looking at the camera, so nice. 5,000.

  7. ZO says:

    You are so beautiful in that black skirt. You owe me big time girl, I thought you were innocent! AND NO MORE TATTOOS! I don’t trust you.

  8. ZO says:

    I just told Franzi, so I had to tell you,

    I’m going to be rich as a mothafucka!

  9. Anonymous says:

    i love cumming to you

  10. so let it be says:

    You’ve made me cum I don’t know how many times…….

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