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Georgia Jones

Georgia Jones, as you can see, has a whole lot of goodies to offer members of her official site! Georgia gives all of her members full access to all of her high res pictures and videos as well as unlimited downloads of all of her content! Georgia also gives her members bonus access to all of her sexy girlfriend’s websites as well!

Take a look around the official Georgia Jones website now!

15 thoughts on “Official Site”

  1. Aline says:


    My name is Aline. I’m a brasilian girl and I like so much to see you… But when I’m watching you I’m thinking, how would be nice if you really stayed with me…
    I had a dream with you yesterday night, a dream about sex with you! But I wanna know more than this… I wanna know how is you in your personality, what do think about anything, I wanna know you… Can I?? How can I do it?? Kisses

  2. 1pixa says:


  3. Mila says:

    I’m really delighted for you, you ECIT me in a way surprising as never was. I imagine you having me, touching me …
    Can I ask you a question?
    I know you?
    I am Brazilian, so you may already know Brazil!
    I await your return.

  4. Poland says:

    Hi. I do not think that you’re reading these comments, but I write. You are very sexy, I can’t stop looking at you, I love your voice and look. I regret that we do not know .. kiss

  5. Mr. Faria says:

    Dear Georgia,

    I just watched your movie and you are a really a love actress . Have you got a representative in Brazil ? I sure you have a huge market waitng to be explored here.

    Please let me know.

    Waiting to hear from you .

  6. Lara says:

    Hi Georgia! i’m a big fan of you and faye! hope you’ll get to work with her again! You’re so pretty. I wish you have a good life and lots of good lucks! take care!

  7. Abigail says:

    GJ! I admire you being out and admitting you like girls! the world needs you! 🙂 wish you all the best for 2012 and forever….i’m not really into porn (though honestly, i can’t help myself but watch your movies lol ) but i saw your name in afterellen’s site, hope you can do an interview with them!

  8. Ania says:

    Georgia Jones, eres unica y la mejor….. desde Colombia tu club de fans

  9. mistered15 says:

    georgia und faye müssen wieder zusammen kommen sie waren ein traumpaar

  10. PKR says:

    I love u My sweet hart
    I really like u…….
    can we meat and do some lovely moments
    I want to stay with u for long time
    u are my best darling
    i am a big fan of u.
    can i kiss u
    i want to hug uuuuuuu

  11. km says:

    Happy birthday Georgia! Wish u all the best! U are GORGEOUS.
    kisses and hugs

  12. Carla Reyes L says:

    Georgia Jones eres la chica mas sexi y hermosa en la tierra…. Eres lo maximo……..

  13. Prica says:

    Hi beautiful girl…I’m Brazilian Girl and when i see you in your videos…OMG,is great!! excites me, delights me,your way you look, kissing … you are simply gorgeous and makes any one crazy!I get to dream about you, you are a dream … love you so much … many kisses in your mouth! <3

  14. Lady :) UK says:

    Love U !!

  15. Anonymous says:

    GJ should have a b/g scene

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